...is a free resource for all registered broadcast journalists. The site carries a wide range of stories and programme content for TV and radio producers, presenters and journalists as well as web editors.

Our stories are categorised by genre or content type (i.e. interviews, b-roll, etc) to help you find what you want as swiftly as possible.

Once you find the content you want, you can either download it or contact our media team for more information.

Stories and content

To support the content posted on this site we offer a range of options to help you cover the story.


We offer interview opportunities with experts, celebrities and brand spokespeople. If you want to book an interview you can do so either by emailing or calling the media team so that we can confirm timings and technical details

Live & interactive WebTV chat show

We offer live and interactive webTV panel based chat shows which you can link to or embed directly into your website. Your users can send in their questions directly through to our studio moderator before and during the live show to be answered by a range of celebrities, experts and brand spokespeople. In the event that you miss one of our shows, they are then available to view on demand with a full transcript available too.

If you would like feature one of our webTV chat shows on your website within an iframe, using our embed code or linking to the show on our site, please contact our media team so we can assist you.

Cue material/advisory

Each story will carry a written release with details of the story plus - where available - supporting research and reports.

Photos & images

Digital photos of spokespeople, supporting imagery plus brand logos can be downloaded where available.

Pre-recorded audio

We offer a range of pre-recorded audio services, including newsbites, podcasts and feature packages. These are available in broadcast quality as mp3 or WAV. You are welcome to download these and use them in your programming with no copyright restrictions. If music has been used in any packaged items, PRS details will be available.

Video features

We offer broadcast quality video content including video news packages, celebrity interviews and presenter or expert-led features offering tips and advice on all topics. Video content is available in all formats and can be previewed in streaming form before you select to download. Alternatively you can download a file from the page which will have a code for an embedded player featuring the video allowing you to integrate this into your web page seamlessly. If you would like our production team to record interview clips specific to your site or re-edit an exclusive version for you then please contact our media team who will be able to assist you.


For some stories we will offer B Roll or stock video footage in loosely edited rushes format for editors to cut into their own packages. This footage can be previewed before you decide if you wish to download all or part of the content. All footage supplied will be to broadcast quality standard and free of copyright restrictions unless specifically stated on the clip itself.

Broadcast Hub is produced by marketiers limited a specialist broadcast communications agency that has been supplying free content to stations, programmes and websites for over a decade. We supply this content in the form of interviews, audio and video files and web pages to hundreds of media organisations every month.

Through a dedicated team of 20 people who run our five central London studios, we liaise with newsrooms and production desks every day.

Should you require more infomation from markettiers4dc, please e-mail [email protected] or call +44 (0) 207 253 8888.